Rapid Recruiting

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Welcome to Rapid Recruiting


Purchasing a subscription will give you significant savings (upwards of a 50% discount) for recruiting services for every position in your dealership for the duration of your subscription period.

  1. Choose how many rooftops you would like to provide recruiting services for
  2. Click “Sign-Up” under that option
  3. Choose the duration (3, 6 , or  12 months) you would like your subscription service to be
  4. Complete Payment Process

A La Carte

Purchasing via A La Carte will allow you to simply target one position within your dealership.

  1. Choose which position you would like to initiate a recruiting campaign for
  2. Click the purchase button (you will only be required to pay an initial down payment). Please make note of the listed post hire fee which will be due once AutoMax completes the recruiting process and fills the targeted position.
  3. Complete Payment Process

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