Why You Need to Recruit Female Leaders and How to Do It

More so than ever, our customer base is diverse. Women buy cars for their own personal use, for their families and they assist their spouses in the vehicle-purchasing process, as well. If your sales and managerial team is not as diverse as your customers are, you have a problem. Discover why you need to make the effort to attract professional women to your company and find out the best way to do so with our “Why & How to Recruit Women Checklist”.

Times Have Changed

Over the last 7 decades, there has been a complete influx of females in colleges all over the continent. Not only do more women enrol in post-secondary education, but they dominate in both number of school years completed and rate of graduation. A management team with little female representation is missing out on the majority of educated talent.

How You Can Stay Up-To-Date

If you’ve never focused on hiring professional women in your dealership, you may not know where to start. Our checklist will give you the building blocks you need to attract the right personality for a key position at your company. Relate better your customers by properly diversifying your staff and managerial team.

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