Dealership Staffing and Training

At AutoMax Recruiting, we don’t just find staff. We help you stock your dealership with employees that will help you close leads and win more business. Based on the number of positions you’re looking to fill, as well as if you require staff training, we have different packages to meet your needs.

AutoMax Monthly Recruiting Platform for Dealership Staffing

Our revolutionary and proven monthly recruiting platform will help you find and manage hires with ease. You’ll get a customized career page for your dealership, the opportunity to post job applications to various networks, as well as electronic on-boarding and HR documentation for new hires. We make it easy to manage postings and staff with our digital platform.

Your subscription includes:

  • Custom-built career page
  • Unlimited organic and sponsored  job postings to Indeed, Glassdoor, JuJu and 100+ other job boards
  • Discount on all AutoMax services
  • Synched sharing to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Pre-made, SEO-optimized job templates for any position within your store
  • Personalized Applicant Tracking system to house and contact all applicants
  • Video interviewing capability
  • Electronic on-boarding to manage all relevant HR doc for new hires
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • No setup fee
  • Month-to-month, no long term contracts
  • Around the clock customer support
  • Quick setup time (usually around 24 hrs)
  • Full training during setup and ongoing training as needed
  • Fully customizable to your needs

AutoMax Recruiting and Training Services

Running a dealership is a big responsibility. That’s why we can take some of the work off of your hands. Let AutoMax find, interview, select candidates, as well as help you train them. Our customized programs include job postings on Indeed, Glassdoor, Carjobsonline, Craigslist, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as a personalized video job posting on YouTube

Remote Automotive Recruiting Programs

We’ll find dealership staff for you, even if you’re not close by or looking for onsite interviewers. Regardless of where your location, our team of experienced recruiters will work to find you the best candidates for your needs.

Silver Maxhire Recruiting Package

Over the course of a two-week campaign, we will complete job postings on the platforms mentioned above. All applicants will be forwarded directly to you as they come to light. You will be responsible for interviews, hiring, and training.

Gold Maxhire Recruiting Package

You will receive everything indicated in the silver package, but we’ll take on additional legwork to make this easier on your dealership team. We will schedule interviews with applicants at the time(s) of your choosing. You won't need to spend time screening resumes, as our experienced team will complete this for you. This program runs for two weeks.

Platinum Maxhire Automotive Recruiting Package

In the platinum package, you’ll receive everything from the silver package but with some unique additions. We will provide an initial phone interview with potential candidates, resume mining on Indeed, LinkedIn, and The AutoMax Talent Network. We will schedule job interviews when applicable (we’ll skip the duds) for your needs. Campaign lengths run from two weeks to 30 days depending on the positions you seek:

*Note: If the position is not listed below pricing will be at discretion of AutoMax and will be reflective of scale of service provided.

- Inexperienced Automotive Sales or BDC Sales and any position not requiring experience

- Experienced Auto Sales, Exp BDC Sales, Service Advisors, Lube Techs and Admin Positions

- Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Service Manager, B/C Auto Techs

- GSM, Controller, A Level / Master Techs and Fixed Ops Director

- GM

Add on services are available a la carte as well, including: in-depth, position-specific interview questionnaire; video resume request; background checks and referrals

On-site Automotive Recruiting Programs

All on-site programs include your digital package from above, and AutoMax will set all interview appointments for our on-site recruiter. We’ll send a recruiter to where they need to be, including your dealership, to interview potential candidates for the positions to which you’re hiring. This way, you can set it and forget it! Our experienced recruiters know what to look for in long-term candidates and can add any special requirements that you need.

Sapphire Recruiting Package

Advertising, interview scheduling, 3 days of on-site interviews, half-day orientation to the automotive industry, and unlimited dealership hires.

Platinum Recruiting Package

Advertising, interview scheduling, 3 days of on-site interviews, 1.5 days of on-site training, unlimited dealership hires.


Platinum PLUS Recruiting Package

Advertising, interview scheduling, 4.5 days of on-site interviews, 5 days of on-site training, unlimited dealership hires.

Your turn to make a move

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