Dealership Staffing Made Easy

Looking for a specific position to be filled? AutoMax connects retail automotive dealers and dealer groups with top-talent for every department.

Eliminate the Guesswork, Finding Top Talent

Recruiting and staffing each department of your dealership is a full-time job. It's time-consuming and daunting. With AutoMax, you'll be able to find, hire, and retain talent for every position in your store. 

From front-end reception and office admins to service technicians, sales managers, and C-level executives. Spend less time guessing - hire the best people to help your dealership grow!

Tap Into Our Vast Network of Career Seekers

When you work with AutoMax Recruiting, you're tapping into a deep network of strategic partnerships that are proven to deliver top-quality talent. We eliminate the guesswork from sourcing career-seekers and provide candidates that are suited to your needs. We do this by leveraging our massive database of job posting sites, coupled with our applicant tracking system that is proven to load you up with candidates best suited for the job.

Over 17,500 Hiring Campaigns and Counting

Simply put, our process works. We're so confident that it works that we've backed it by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need talent and want the best, AutoMax would love to partner with you.