How AutoMax Works for Your Business

At AutoMax Training and Recruiting, we’ve got creating the dream team down to a science. We pair our vast experience in the dealership world with proven tactics that make staffing better. Learn our step-by-step process and see how AutoMax can make all the difference when it comes to finding, teaching and retaining great talent.

Find the Right People

The key to success starts right at the beginning. At AutoMax, we know how to source out the best candidates in sales, service, finance or management. By attracting the best people for the job opening, the interview process becomes more effective and you’re left with the cream of the crop.

Delegate the Heavy Lifting

Delegate the Heavy Lifting

AutoMax saves your company time and money by taking care of the entire recruiting task. From advertising the job posting to completing the interview, our team will save you countless hours and deliver someone who’s ready to contribute to a positive work environment.

Reinforce Your Current Staff

Train for Success

After you’ve settled on a professional candidate that fits your needs, prepare them further with our robust training programs. Customized for each specific job type, AutoMax will equip your new employee with the skills they need to prosper.

train for success

Reinforce Your Current Staff

Take things to the next level by bolstering your existing team members with our vast selection of training modules. AutoMax offers in-dealership education to help your staff become more positive, productive and united.

Recruiting & Training Packages to fit Every Need

Whether you’re looking for one new team member or you’d like to boost your entire team with in-depth training, AutoMax has a service package to fit your requirements. Our premium package incorporates features like an initial phone interview and resume searches on multiple platforms, campaign lengths up to 90 days at a time, sourcing out the very best candidates and vetting them further before you even have to pick up the phone.