Automotive Sales Recruiting

AutoMax is the Most Effective Way to Find, Train, and Retain High-Quality Automotive Sales Professionals.

Tap into our network and discover how easy it is to hire and train elite sales pros.

Over 17,000 Hiring Campaigns Under Our Belt

When it comes to finding the right automotive sales professional, you need someone with the right attitude, habits, and willingness. With over 17,000 successful hiring campaigns, our proven recruiting process will save you from high attrition and the headache of always looking for the next "right person."

We Take Care of the Heavy-Lifting

When you work with AutoMax, our specially trained recruiters take care of the entire process. From placing killer job postings that convert to vetting, interviewing, and training candidates - all of this happens while you continue to focus on running your dealership.

You Hire the Right Candidate

Once our rigorous interview and basic training conclude, you'll be able to select from those that are left standing. Our process ensures that those who are left standing are the most committed, display the right character traits, and are free from bad habits that would hinder theirs and your success.

Ready to find the right people?