Automotive Recruiting Services:
We Will Find Who You Need

AutoMax Recruiting and Training connects you to high-quality job candidates who are ready and eligible to bring your dealership to the next level of success.

We've recruited over 160,000 automotive professionals with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let's find your next dealership employee together.

Real Sales People Are Within Reach

A body is not better than nobody. You need people with the right attitude, willingness, and cultural fit that will help your store succeed. 

Our proven track record and customized approach to recruiting salespeople have helped us recruit over 160,000 automotive sales professionals in North America.

Hire Salespeople

We Create Gross-Retaining Closers

Imagine being able to increase revenue without spending more money on advertising and marketing! At AutoMax, our team of expert sales trainers bring a proven process that will transform your sales team into proficient metal-moving closers.

Sales Training

Not Just Sales Pros, We'll Staff Every Department

Adequately staffing each department in your store can be a time consuming and daunting task. From placing ads in the right place to making sure you are attracting the right candidates - AutoMax can help.

With our unique experience staffing each department, we'll scout and recruit high-quality talent to fit your needs - guaranteed.

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