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A Selling Tip That Actually Works

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On the very last day of class (for the last half dozen classes) I have been running a client development contest. My students have been going out prospecting. Armed with only paper and pen, they had to come back with a name and phone number of a potential client. They were given 90 minutes (This was being done at lunch time and I wanted them to have a chance to eat) Remember, none of these people were hired by the dealership and they had no business cards. All I did was load their lips with what to say.

The results speak for themselves. With an average of ten students per class, my greenpeas came back with an astonishing 669 names and telephone numbers in just 10 classes. One student holds the record with 24 in ninety minutes. And the dealership record is 147 names with phone numbers.

I don't have the complete figures as to how many were sold, because it is too early, but preliminary data show the closing rate is about 24% with good follow up. DO THE MATH!!!! Is this worth 90 minutes to pick up potentially18 units in one day on average? What if they did this everyday?

So here is my question: What is your sales-staff doing at lunchtime?

P.S. Check out Craigs Video Blog on eating at the dealership HERE

Bob Gaber

Almost 30 years in the "Car Biz" and having done just about everything in a dealership, specializing in BDC and Sales, I truly believe that this business is a blessing for those who have the committment. Be Committed!

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