Struggling with turnover? Worried about attracting the right people to your dealership? Investing time and money into new employees can be a consuming process -- especially if you can’t find the right talent for your posting. AutoMax is here to make your life easier and strengthen your current team by sourcing out the right people for your job opening. No matter what position needs to be filled, we know how to land employees with the experience and drive to succeed in the automotive industry.

Recruiting for Sales Positions

Your sales team is incredibly important. They’re responsible for bringing in -- and keeping -- clients, and each interaction they provide will set the tone for how the public views your establishment. Getting trustworthy, positive and hardworking professionals is key to building a solid sales team and no one knows this better than AutoMax. We’ll find driven individuals with the potential to grow in your dealership and send their contact information straight to your inbox. Stop wasting time and start getting the people you need in your offices.

Training for Sales Positions

Once you’ve landed the right talent, set your employee up for success by using our vast selection of training programs and tools. From sales scripts to full in-house training sessions, we can give your entire team the boost they need to maximize productivity. Whether your staff are newcomers to the sales world or they’re seasoned automotive pros, our programs help employees to zero in on customers’ needs and leave every client with a great experience.

Set Up or Improve Sales and Service Business Development Centres

It’s no surprise that having defined BDCs for both the sales and service end of your dealership is a clear way to increase your customer retention and client retention. AutoMax makes starting a BDC simple, with ready-to-implement training sessions specifically for customer service representatives and first-point-of-contact front desk staff. Begin every client relationship the right way and focus on your growth with the help of our BDC and fixed operation programs.

Recruit Top Technicians

Nothing affects your dealership’s long-standing reputation more than having an A-Level Tech working in your service centre. Find out how to attract technicians with potential to advance or even land experienced mechanics with the help of AutoMax. We’re confident we can help you source out service pros -- we’ve been doing it for years!

What We Provide

When you choose AutoMax, you’re gaining access to an enormous online reach spanning multiple job-posting platforms along with an experienced recruiting team that knows the automotive industry like the back of their hand. From single positions to full dealership staffing, we’ll set your dealership up for success and give you the tools you need to increase profits, add value to your company and build an unbreakable team. 

We also offer a database for dealerships with handy cheat-sheets filled with tips and best practices. Browse our how-to section now and see just how simple improvement can be.

The Bottom Line

You want the best for your dealership and the only way for you to get there is by investing your valuable time into your team. Let us do the grunt work of finding and vetting recruits for any position opening you have and improve the quality of your training programs by accessing our proven methods and team-building boot camps.

Our goal is to save you time and money, leaving you with the keys to a thriving company and a healthy work environment where employees are thrilled to be a part of the team.