The job interview can be difficult for both those doing the interviewing and those being interviewed. Today, we break down some of the most practical job interview tips that you need to know when looking for a position at a car dealership.



Your Appearance

When it comes to your appearance, first impressions mean everything. Consider how you dress when you’re showing up for an interview you need to dress like you’re meant to be there. If you’re working at a car dealership, you’re going to want to dress like the other sales people or those in the same department you’re interviewing for. You don’t need to show up in a tuxedo, but wearing a simple suit and tie will go far.

Appearance stems to your personal space as well. Don’t overdo it with cologne or perfume, and be conservative in their use. If you do wear scents, select them carefully and use them sparingly. If you’re a smoker, avoid smoking before the interview. Non-smokers notice the smell much more than you do, so avoid it. If you can’t, be sure to try a mint or something to mask the smell in order to make the best impression.


The Handshake and Introduction

This one is simple, always have a firm handshake. Don’t try to fight The Rock, but don’t be limp. Test your handshake on friends or family so that you have a gauge how firm your grip is.

When you introduce yourself, make sure that you recognize the name of the interviewer(s). Repeat their name back to them throughout the interview. This will help you remember their name, and will spread a positive light over you. To further build rapport, make sure that your body language backs up what you’re saying. Express enthusiasm when needed, and that you’re professional. Maintain an appropriate six feet of personal space between yourself and the interviewer. When you’re speaking, let your body language back up the sentiments you’re expressing. Best of all, practice avoiding “ums” and “ahs” to fill space. There is nothing wrong with a little pause.


Cell Phone Etiquette

Just like at the movies, keep your cell phone off. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having your phone go off during an interview, except for maybe answering it. Don’t leave it on, and don’t answer it. Keep your cell phone off.

If there’s the potential for an emergency during your interview, consider if the timing is appropriate for you to be at an interview. To maintain professionalism, you could also share, without getting too detailed, that something might come up and that’s why you have your cellphone on you. This kind and professional warning will help the interviewer to understand your point-of-view.


The Sell and the Close

Just like you might be selling cars and closing clients, you’re selling yourself and closing the interviewer on the idea of hiring you. You’ll want to tie all of your previous experiences together and explain how they will help you succeed in the role that you’re looking to fill. If there are things you haven’t done before, explain how your past experience with learning new skills went and that you would apply the same, or different, strategies to quickly learn new skills during this new job.

Once the job interview is coming to a close, we suggest asking for the position. Craig is a big fan of the bold close where you ask “When do I start” and go from there. Don’t let the interviewer put you off, don’t let them not hire you. Make it so they can’t say no, and they won’t. Sell them on you, and don’t sell yourself short.

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Craig Lockerd

Craig Lockerd is the founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the auto industry. You can find Craig on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.