Are you a manager looking to improve your team’s sales call success? Or perhaps you’re a salesperson yourself and you just can’t quite pin down what you’re doing wrong on your calls. Let us help you take your phone-ups from “uncomfortable” to “out-of-this-world!” At AutoMax, we understand what makes or breaks that first impression. With more than 20 years of experience in the training and recruiting world behind us, we have the intel you need to step up your sales game.

How Managers Can Use This Script

Is your team spending lots of time reaching out to clients but yielding little rewards for that work? More than likely, what they are saying while they log those phone minutes is the heart of the problem. Our sales script is a sure way to fast-track your team to the right path. It makes a perfect addition to any on-boarding training you currently use, plus it’s also an easy resource for those more-seasoned sales reps who may find themselves in a rut from time to time. Download the checklist now and see how thoughtfully prepared phrasing can work wonders in the world of landing customers. 

How Sales Reps Can Use This Script

Do you feel like your sales calls just don’t pack a punch? Use our car sales script to learn exactly what to say -- and how to say it -- to nail the customer experience every time. We’ll fill you in on the smallest of details that make the biggest differences along with tips on how to overcome common objections or concerns. If you want to make your time count, don’t delay! Get our script now and improve your phone-up success.

Why it Works

In our years of experience helping dealerships become more productive, we’ve learned one thing rules over all -- how the customer is treated. When rating your service, phrases like “just okay”, “not bad” or even “no complaints” does not lead to a flourishing company and can in fact be signals that you’re in trouble. 

To make it in today’s competitive world, your team has to hit it out of the park each and every time. This means going well above and beyond what your customer expects because treatment like that will leave a lasting impression. Adequate service alone does not promote customer loyalty, so you’ve got to find out how to “Wow!” them during each interaction. This starts at the very first point of contact -- including the initial phone call, text or email. With the right start, it becomes so much easier to maintain the entire experience, leading to happy, loyal clients that come back for years. 

Get the edge that you and your team need by clicking on the button below to download our Car Sales Script now and work smarter on your sales calls. Though it is set in phone-call format, it can easily be adapted to any form of communication. By integrating these practises, you’ll begin to see a shift in attitude regarding customer treatment throughout the dealership and reviews will be raving about your service.