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Most Important Training for New Salespeople

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The Approach Sets the Stage for the Entire Automotive Sales Process.

The greeting welcome to ABC Motors with a smile, good eye contact and a good hand shake can make or break the deal.  People traditionally are very intimidated coming to a dealership (especially women).  They know they need to make a purchase but feel they probably won’t get the best deal or the salesperson will pressure them.  I have always tried to ask questions of my buyers so that I can live up to their expectations and break down any barriers, making them feel comfortable and that the sale is all up to them.  While selling cars I closed upwards of 80% because I was a good listener and engaging, letting my customers know that what they wanted was important.

I always made sure that my buyers knew they were very important to me during the initial purchase, during the delivery and well after the sale.  If they needed anything they just needed to let me know and I would assist them any way I could, after all I was at the dealership daily and who better to ensure their absolute happiness than the very person that sold them a car in the first place.  If I could be of assistance in service or the body shop I was there for them.  That in turn brought them back to me and earned me lots of referrals.

I made it a habit to send thank you cards for everything and they always had a personal note on them.  All my deliveries were done in the service department and never rushed.  My customers and the ones in the service department always felt like this was a big deal.  Guess what it is a big deal! The last thing my customers see when they are leaving with their new vehicle is me in the rear view window waving goodbye.

Relationships are most important when you're building your business, without them you won’t be very successful.  Teach your salespeople this from the very beginning and make sure that you instill in them a relationship mindset, you wont be disappointed and you are sure to reap the benefits for years to come!

Craig Lockerd

Craig Lockerd is the founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the auto industry. You can find Craig on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.