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New Car Phone Script

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The purpose of this script is to get the phone number, the name and set an appointment and in that order.  In order to control the conversation we need to ask questions.  The person that asks the most question’s, controls the conversation!  The customer initially controls the conversation, because they know when they are going to call, what they want to say and they can hang up at any time. So, follow the script.

Good (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

Welcome to ____________________________.

My name is ___________________________ and I can help you.

Let the customer say, whatever they are going to say.  Typically, it is going to be:

Do you have this car?  Or, I am shopping this car and want to know the price.  Or, I want information about this car?  (Price or Availability)

Whatever they say, the next words out of your mouth are:

Outstanding:  Are you familiar with our product?


Which Model:


(If they are not, then we have to ask specific questions to see what they are looking for in a vehicle.)

Is this going to be for cargo or passengers?  If you have a choice did you want a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engine?  Automatic or manual transmission?  2 door or 4 door?


These questions will give us a better idea of what vehicle to put them in.  We will have all the products available to us.

Did you want a light, medium or dark color?


If they are specific with color, then ask:  Is that your first choice or your only choice?  What other colors would you consider?


What basic equipment did you want?  (DO NOT SUGGEST ANYTHING!!!)


You didn’t have to get this today did you?

Let them answer.  Whatever they say, you respond:  Great because I want to see what is available now and what is coming in, in the next few days. I will not have you come in under false pretenses.

At this point, they are thinking that you are about to check your inventory.  You will now follow up with this:

Are you calling from home or work?


And the number there?


If they do not want to give you their phone number, you respond:

I understand I do not want to physically disturb you; I just need a number where I can leave a message.


Only ask twice, but understand, without the number, this may not be a real appointment.

And how do you spell your last name?


And first?


With your permission, may I put you on hold?  The customer is going to think that you are looking for their vehicle. Count to fifteen as you should already know your inventory.



When you get back on line:

Mr/Ms. __________ (use their name).  I have good news, we have a good availability of what you are looking for, speaking of which, when are you more available to come in?  Is now better or later today? (LET THEM ANSWER)


They will say one of three things:  now, later or I can’t make it until ___________.

Anything other than “NOW” will be answered in this way:  When you say ________________ (“later or Tuesday, Wednesday, the weekend, etc”).  Did you mean, morning, afternoon or evening?  Let them answer.


Morning:  Closer to nine or closer to 12,

Afternoon: Closer to 12 or closer to 5

Evening: Closer to 5 or closer to 8 (never say the closing hour, they may show up at that time)

Whatever day, time, etc. they may say, you will come back with:

Great, could you come in at (Set the appointment for either 15 past the hour or 15 before the hour.  NEVER ON THE HOUR OR HALF HOUR!)

We are not done yet!  Next question:

Do you know where we are located?  (If not, we have to literally walk them to the dealership.)

When you come in, I would like you to ask for my manager:  His/Her name is___________________.  They will know where to find me. OR my name is and my cell phone number is…

One last thing.  I need a huge favor.  If you are going to run late, or cannot make it, please call and let me know.  And I will extend the same courtesy to you.  Thank U.

Bob Gaber

Almost 30 years in the "Car Biz" and having done just about everything in a dealership, specializing in BDC and Sales, I truly believe that this business is a blessing for those who have the committment. Be Committed!


  • Scott Klein says:

    That sounds just like the ole Tom Stuker phone script I learned back in the 80’s with a little twist here and there. How cool…

  • Do you have anything that can help me with how to go about selling and taking a deposit over the phone? As we have a lot of enquiries where it is not possible for them to make it to the dealership.