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Too often we think that winning in business and winning in other facets of life have to be distinct and separate ventures. In the debut episode of The Recruiter Podcast, Troy Spring shares his best advise about how to create a turbo-charged life, and how culture at work and at home can facilitate rapid perpetual growth.

Woven into this episode are powerful insights about what car dealers can do to create a better culture, starting with identifying the purpose for the culture. In this episode, you'll hear Troy and the Recruiters talk about the purpose that drove Troy to start his high growth ad agency, Dealer World. Many may find it a shock to learn that it was not because of the pursuit of money. 

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Craig Lockerd

Craig Lockerd is the founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the auto industry. You can find Craig on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.