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Recruiting Is Only The Beginning…

By February 7, 2011 December 27th, 2016 2 Comments

So, you just recruited and received, your new salesteam from me and AutoMax…. Now What?  What are you, moving forward, going to do with my students now that you hired them?

Most dealers really have to think about this question, because it hasn’t been posed to them by anyone. Here are some choices:

A) Some dealers will take these people and put them directly on to the floor.

B) Others, may have them follow an “experienced” sales person for a few days and then put them directly on the floor.

C) While others, will have them sit in front of a computer to learn their product knowledge before they have them do either A or B.

D) Still some dealers will take their best manager and have them train the students in doing business “their way” and then… (choose A, B or C)

Here is my suggestion: It will save you money and  not only give you more value for your investment, but will make you money and have happier employees and clients.

Give your new hires an additional week of training!  Really, what does it cost? (Always the first question) Before I answer, and I will answer, let us look at the other alternatives:

By putting your new hires directly on the floor, it becomes a sink or swim proposition. They may or may not know the paperwork, how to handle all objections in all situations. They may cost you business.

By following an “experienced” salesperson, what are you actually getting? First, that salesperson is going to look at the new hire as competition, aren’t they. Don’t you think that there might be some “negativity” there. Your new hire will become what you don’t want… Just another average salesperson, costing your money.

By taking your manager off the the floor, now think about this, who is going to cover for them? When you take your best closer off the floor, how many deals is it costing you? If you replace the manager with your top salesperson, how many deals is that costing you? And how much time is that manager going to devote to your new staff to make them winners? What is their curriculum? How do they know that the salespeople actually get it?

Now, by bringing in a professional, someone who is devoting 8 to 10 hours a day with your new hires, they will get and understand your dealships processes, all the paperwork, all the daily stuff. They will work with their warm market to help train them. (This means that they will not only NOT be losing business for you but it will give you an opportunity to create new business) They will have their own “manager” while they are on the floor to help close deals for them and creating business for you. (How much would it cost you to bring in a top closer for one week to provide training and new additional business that you would have never had?) And when I am done with them, what do you have NOW?

You  have a salesprofessional. Someone who has heard how negotiations work, how the processes flow in real time, How to handle specific personality types. And it is never done at the expense of another client, salesperson or manager.

How much does it cost? The best answer is it depends on who does the training and how long they train for.  Remember, This is not an advertisement but rather an onjective look into helping dealers better utilze their time and resources . But do think about this, How much are you losing by not using a professional,  while the competition is.  And how much you would be making if this additional training brought each salespeson an additional one or two more cars a month. DO THE MATH!!!!!

Is additional professional training worth it? I’ve made my case. What are your thoughts?

Bob Gaber

Almost 30 years in the "Car Biz" and having done just about everything in a dealership, specializing in BDC and Sales, I truly believe that this business is a blessing for those who have the committment. Be Committed!