When it comes to hiring new dealership staff, there are two questions that our clients often ask us:

   Question #1: How do dealership personnel initiate and complete the hiring process?

   Question #2: What are the processes that need to be implemented?

If you’re looking for a specific path to follow when it comes to finding the right automotive salespeople for your dealership, take it from us: it’s possible. Today, we share how to do just that.

Initiate the Hiring Process to Find Great Salespeople for your Car Dealership

First, take the time to research the available help wanted advertising sources, whether it is radio, television, newsprint or online (including social media hiring, such as on Facebook) and determine which is producing the most response of qualified applicants. This might not be the same source that you found the most active during your last round of hiring.

You will need to find out which day or days are best to advertise for each source and what “size” of a campaign is needed. It is very powerful to “link” your advertising to increase exposure. Knowing where the best candidates search for employment and reaching those applicants is a key component to hiring the right sales force. Ask your current star performers how they would/did search for employment before coming to your dealership, how they felt about the process, and where they would look if they were looking now.

Once advertising resources have been identified, effective advertising copy needs to be created that not only catches prospective applicants attention but more importantly, motivates them to respond and apply for your opportunity/need. Be clear about the position, your expectations, and how they will receive and benefit from working in your dealership. This way, you’ll weed out potential employees who are misaligned with your dealership’s goals; don’t waste your time and money.

Interviewing Dealership Staff

Managing applicant response in an immediate fashion to schedule an interview is an important aspect and should not be overlooked. An on-time, professional interview with each applicant leaves a positive and lasting impression on potential employees and will help sell your dealership to them.

Keep in mind, that not only are you interviewing for prospective salespeople, but they are also interviewing you. If someone is committing to spending 8+ hours each day somewhere, they want to like it. Present yourself and your dealership accordingly and in a manner that shows how enjoyable it is to work at your dealership and on your sales floor.

Keep this person-centric approach front-of-mind through every step of the hiring process: from interview through to hire, day one, and beyond.

What New Processes Need to be Implemented for Dealership Salespeople?

Prepare your new hires thoroughly by reviewing your expectations and sales process from beginning to end. It is best if you can devote a few days time with as little interruption as possible to the steps of a sale, including completing sales paperwork.

Discuss the daily activities of a salesperson, your new hires in particular. Keep your finger on the pulse, knowing that their happiness is critical for your dealership’s performance. Teach them how to develop their own clients through networking, which will help them make more sales and enjoy the fruits of the labour more. Daily one-on-ones will prove to be an important tool in managing their expectations, performance, and happiness.

Following these steps will help create a better overall return for your salesperson recruiting efforts. Yes, a great deal of time is required in order to be successful, and arguably time is money. However, there is truth to the expression all good things come in time.

Isn’t it time to improve your hiring process? What are you doing to improve your hiring process?

If you’re looking to hire and train staff for your dealership, give us a call or reach out. We’re the #1 automotive recruiting and training company in the world; we’ll get the job done right for your dealership and help you improve your ROI.