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What is The Value Of Automotive Sales Training

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Automotive Sales TrainingWhat is the value of automotive sales training? Do you value it from the point of zero dollars or from the negative dollars that the absence of training brings with it? Strange question I know, but think about it a moment. If you leave a glass of cold water at room temperature it will warm up, if you leave a warm glass of water at room temperature it will cool down, the same with automotive sales training.

I hear it all the time, "Training at my store doesn't stick," or "Whenever I train it's like what I'm saying goes in one ear and out the other."

Why do you think that is? They're a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to learning, time of day, attention span, the skills of the trainer and even the desire of the student to learn. If we look back on the cold and warm water scenario the answer is that the water will always return to the mean temperature, or the temperature of the room. So, in order to increase the mean skill of your sales force you must continually conduct automotive sales training, that way when your salespeople revert back to what they've always done, their mean skill will increase.

A little hard to put down into words but let me explain it real numbers. Let's say that out of 10, the skill level of your sales force is a 3. Well, when you train, the skill of the your sales force, right after training, goes up to a 5. But, if you don't manage your expectations correctly or follow up with more automotive sales training, your sales team will fall back to their mean skill level of 3. But, if you continually train, making it habitual the mean skill level of your sales people will rise. In other words, instead of being a 3 they will be a 3.5. Continue to conduct automotive sales training and it will become a 4 and then 4.5, then so on and so on.

Remember, we don't retain all that we have learned, therefore training has to be repetitive and constant. That's right, sales training shouldn't be hit or miss, it needs to be daily, it needs to be in a group and it needs to be one-on-one. If you're looking to increase your closing average then you have to ensure that your sales team is up to par, don't make excuses just train, train, train!

So, to answer my first question, automotive sales training is priceless! The investment in time and money, that you put in towards training will be given back to a 100 fold, just be repetitive and constant!

What are you doing to ensure that your automotive sales training sticks?

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