At AutoMax, every part of our process has been carefully constructed to help your automotive business succeed, We take pride in our ability to recruit and train the top talent in the dealership world, providing companies with united teams the thrive. Our team brings a combined 100 years of automotive experience to the table, giving you the best tools to build your staff.

Save Valuable Time

AutoMax takes care of the recruiting process from start to finish so you can stay focused on your clients and your team. We start by sifting through multiple job platforms like Indeed and CarJobsOnline, collecting only the most impressive resumes. We’ll post your job opening for up to 30 days, allowing promising candidates to continue to the next step.

By using this thorough vetting procedure, we reduce the chance of companies getting through the entire hiring ordeal only to find that the employee is not a good fit or is not committed to staying with the dealership. Save yourself the frustration and the wasted investment by using our proven method for landing the best talent.

Invest in the Right People

The secret to ensuring your new hire does well in their new role lies in proper training. AutoMax offers training programs that match the exact job type you’ve recruited for, giving your employee a toolkit of best practices that will translate into productivity. 

We also offer a plethora of training platforms suited for entire team sessions, allowing managers to effectively teach their teams new tactics for success. Browse our wide range of topics now or speak with our staff about scheduling one of these sessions at your dealership and watch how the right attitude paired with methods that work yield results.

Build a Team that Sticks Together

Is retention a problem at your dealership? We hear often from managers that they’ve put in all of the effort to attract top candidates to their company only to lose them months later after spending valuable time and assets on building their skills. AutoMax hax an excellent database of recruiting knowledge starting with day-one practices that have been shown to improve retention rates

By trusting us with both your recruiting and training needs, you’re giving your business the best shot at flourishing into a workplace where members cooperate, value each other and compete in a healthy way to boost sales outcomes. Our goal is to transform staff into teams by shifting the way employees view both clients and each other. Don’t believe us? Select one of our packages and see the AutoMax difference for yourself.