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4 Things That Sets AutoMax Recruiting And Training Apart From Their Competitors

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AutoMax Recruiting and TrainingAutomax Recruiting and Training is the strongest recruiting and training Company in the automotive arena. With over 100,000 salespeople trained in all 50 states we have the experience to staff your dealership the way it should be.

A Little AutoMax History

AutoMax Recruiting and Training was started by Craig Lockerd over 13 years ago. With over 3 decades of automotive experience, Craig started AutoMax because of the overwhelming need for salespeople with no bad habits. Turn over was high, with salespeople moving from dealership to dealership, the industry low on fresh recruits. That's why AutoMax Recruiting and Training was born, to fill a need that was in desperate need of filling.

How We Do What We Do

First, we listen to our client’s needs. We take a look at what positions they are looking to hire for, how many people they need and if they need training or not (by the way we hire for every position, from porter to president). That's the real difference between what we offer and what our competition does. We offer flexibility. We hire for all positions and we don't do cookie cutter. Sure, we have a formula that works but we are able to change certain variables in that formula to suit the specific needs of both the market at the dealership.

Secondly, we don't just post help wanted ads to one or two sites, you know the bottom feeders that are free and don't get a ton of traffic. If you want great salespeople and other staff at you dealership then you need to know where to look. With over 200 sites that we post to, we have the reach to find your next hire, whatever the position. We even own a few proprietary sites that we've build in house, sites that no other recruiting company has access to, sites such as, and, just to name a few. On top of that, AutoMax also engages in social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. All to find the right person for the right job at the right dealership (yours).

Thirdly, when working with auto dealers and finding their wants and needs, the one thing that is always mentioned is, "will I have enough good candidates to interview." The answer is always a resounding YES! How do we do that? Some areas of the country will receive less candidates than others, that's just the way things are. But due to being in business for over 13 years we have thousands and thousands of resumes on file, as well as huge national databases of people currently looking for employment that we can tap into and perform reverse resume searches. This insures that the turnout is always positive.

Lastly, we have the best trainers in the business! Each one of our trainers is vetted and trained by our very own Craig Lockerd. If I were to say that the training is intense, that would be an understatement! Craig puts them through a "hell" week so to speak. Training that lasts from sunrise to well after sunset and into the hours leading up to midnight. You should ask him about the impossible homework he gives them, homework meant to judge them on the content of their character. All of that, plus their extensive dealership background, makes for the best trainers in the business. Trainers that understand that AutoMax has raised the bar and has the goal to keep on raising it!

Is there more that sets AutoMax Recruiting and Training apart from their competition... yes! But this is a good start and hopefully answers the question, "why choose AutoMax Recruiting and Training?"

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  • Ernie Kasprowicz says:

    Everyone should carry the pride for their company as you do. I would add that we work with largest of dealerships having the huge sales volume to very small dealerships. It is our ability to adjust our processes and programs to fit precisely the needs of our clients that makes us such a valuable partner in solving their staffing needs.