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What Sets AutoMax Recruiting And Training, LLC Apart From Their Competitors?

By July 2, 2012 April 9th, 2019 2 Comments

One of the most exciting aspects all businesses face is competition.  Competition is good.  Competition is what drives individuals and organizations to excel.  Our business is no different.  The fact is there are many staffing and training companies, some excellent, some not. Moreover, the right service provider for one business may not be the best for another. This is intended to guide those in the process of considering AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC versus the competition.

As with most things in life, experience matters.  AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC has completed over eleven thousand similar recruiting efforts for clients ranging from the largest in size and sales volume, to the smallest, in virtually every market throughout the country during our thirteen years of operation.  During any given week AutoMax will likely provide recruiting services to more clients than our closest competitors combined.  From porters to presidents, we recruit them all.  Experience has taught us exactly what content needs to appear within the help-wanted advertisement in order to attract the best and brightest available talent, and then to motivate those quality people to apply for the position.  Experience provides us the knowledge to share with our clients where to strategically place the help-wanted ad, maximizing exposure to the most desirable candidates.  With that experience, we created AutoMax exclusive job boards such as,, and those are then aggregated to even more help-wanted job sites.  Experience allows us to stream line the process saving our clients both money and time.

Implementation is another key factor to consider when comparing AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC to a competitor.  How will the results promised be accomplished?  AutoMax not only posts our clients help wanted ads to more top line resources than anyone else, we also have a staff solely dedicated to processing applicant response.  AutoMax sifts through and lightly screens each resume received scheduling a personal interview.  This process reduces aggravation and increases interview-to-showroom percentages.  All advertising process is provided by AutoMax in a turn-key fashion, making it a seamless effort for our clients.

AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC clients have a choice of recruiting methods tailored specifically to their needs.  We help a dealership staff their store with a variety of time tested programs and continue to offer cutting edge strategies.    Dealerships with a full human resource department and/or a full time sales trainer find our advertising-only strategies highly beneficial.  For many of our clients, the ability for AutoMax to provide an onsite trainer to interview and train sales applicants is a huge plus.  We have the ability to adjust our programs to fit precisely the needs of our clients.

The people within the Automax Recruiting and Training, LLC corporate office play a significant role in ensuring client satisfaction.  They are the backbone of the company and the people with whom you communicate in good times and bad,  and that is a measure of why our clients stay with us despite the natural appeal of a seemingly better offer.  What happens when something doesn’t go as planned, or for whatever reason, the results don’t measure up?   You can be confident in the knowledge that AutoMax backs all recruiting and training programs with a 100% performance guarantee.

Lastly, AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC attracts the best and brightest trainers in the industry with whom to work.  After an exhaustive selection process including background checks, drug testing, reference checks and employment verification, AutoMax offers our trainers excellent compensation and career opportunities.  Our trainers have the opportunity to build a strong business of repeat and referral clients with the opportunity to grow with AutoMax.  Every trainer undergoes thorough preparation followed by weekly ongoing training and development.  We provide our clients with a full range of trainer abilities to find the perfect fit for their needs.

In summation, experience, systems, flexible methods, guaranteed results, people and training are a few of the hallmarks that set AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC apart from our competition.


  • David Hoier says:

    You are right Ernie. All of the items you mentioned make us special, but what makes us unique is our dedication to quality. Our commitment to our dealers and our students to postivily affect their lives and therefore the lives of their customers is with out equal. That’s what makes AutoMax what it is.

    • Ernie Kasprowicz says:

      I agree, David. Commitment is a very big word and one taken very seriously at AutoMax. Thank you for your excellence and commitment!