As a services company, we help you find and train the best automotive staff in the world. We understand that’s a pretty bold promise, and we’re the only people that can prove it. Today we’re talking about why our customers choose us time and time again.

Effective Training

At first glance, people think it’s easy to find staff and throw them onto the sales floor or into the BDC. There’s no shortage of people looking for employment (especially these days!) and employers often have lucrative offers to share with candidates. The difference is that this is what we do, and we do it well: plain and simple.


“Sales managers may be good trainers but 1. They don't have the time 2. It's not what they do best.

Professionals associate with professionals so when it comes to hiring and training go with the professionals, AutoMax”

-Danny Moore, Facebook Review

Because this is our niche, we’re truly effective at what we do. Everyone has made the mistake of attempting to train, or have someone unqualified, train their automotive staff. When do this, you’re not spending your time or your money wisely. Not only do you end up with qualified staff, but you end up with staff that have been trained by our specialized professionals to do their unique job and do it well. No fresh faces without a clue, just professionals that are ready to get to work.

Quality Candidates

We don’t simply look for people to fill positions. If that approach worked, we would be out of business! We look for the most qualified candidates for the roles that you’re hiring for, and we don’t settle for anything less. Here at AutoMax, our staff come from all avenues of the automotive world. We use our background and training to ensure that we’re not just checking boxes, but using our own experience to qualify candidates.


We just hired 6 from a strong field of candidates. Kevin was great!”

-Marv Eleazer, Facebook Review


“With the right people in your dealership you can’t help but make money.”

-Jim Russell, Facebook Review


We look to find candidates that have the qualities that matter most, and also filter individuals based on your requests. If you’re open to different industry experience, we take that into account, if not, you won’t find outside candidates in your pool of options. If you’re only hiring people who have specialized education, we’ll only hire those that meet or exceed your standards. We’re here to hire for your unique business.

Expert Training

Often, you’ll see receptionists trained by sales managers and BDC staff trained by the used car manager in his spare time. Let’s get this out of the way: that approach isn’t the most effective. Does your used car manager know the ins and outs of the programs used in the BDC? Does he or she know how to source and salvage relevant deals as they come through? Probably not. Each department in your dealership is unique and they’re equally important. You can’t have one without the others, so make sure that they’re each performing at their best.

When you have trainers that know what they’re doing, you’ll end up with staff that know what they’re doing. Your new hires will be ready, thoroughly prepared, equipped with role-related knowledge, and enthusiastic. Both our new hires and their employers know that they’re running with the best when they’re trained with AutoMax. From new hires that sell 23 cars in their first month to experts at their trade, AutoMax hires are second-to-none.

When you’re ready to hire and train the best in the business, contact us. Our team can help you find the team that will take you to the next level.

Craig Lockerd

Craig Lockerd is the founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the auto industry. You can find Craig on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.