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The Automotive Phone Sales Call and the Importance of Effort

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Let’s face it, you really are just plain bad at handling sales calls. Not all of you, just the vast majority. What we need to do is define what we want to accomplish  when a client calls us.

First, why do client’s call? You can answer that yourself, but if you need help, email me and I will help.

Secondly, there are three things we want to do, and they are always in this order: Get the phone number, Get the name, Set an appointment. *Without the phone number, the rest is unreliable.

When a client calls they have initial control of the conversation. They know when they are going to call, they know what they want to say. They are prepared.

So, how do we gain control?   ASK QUESTIONS!  (see “How to Sell a Pen”  HERE) Do a needs analysis, QUALIFY the client.

Once we find out what is important to THEM, then and only then, may we ask for their phone number, by giving them a good enough reason to trust us with it.  Ex: You don’t have to purchase your vehicle today, do you?  (Well this is a switch, most salespeople say you need to come in,  in order for us to do business) Because what I would like to do, is see what is available now and what is coming in, in the next few days. Are you calling from home or work? And the number there?  And HOW DO YOU SPELL YOUR LAST NAME, and FIRST?

With your permission, I would like to place you on hold. (The client is thinking that you are going to check what is available, but you already know this because you do an inventory walk each day, don’t you?)

Place the client on hold for fifteen seconds (Try counting to 15 and feel how long that takes) Get back with the client and let them know that you have a(n) excellent, good, availability, or the car doesn’t exist.  Ex. Ms/Mr  client I have great news, we have an excellent availability of what you are looking for, speaking of which, when are you more available to come in? Use your funnel close. (Start wide and then narrow down) Is now good or later today better?

Never set an appointment on the hour or half hour, only the the crosshairs (15 or 30). It adds weight and value to your time. Ex. Could you make it at 10:45? I have someone coming in before you and want to make sure that you receive the professional courtesy you deserve, and I will make sure that your car is pulled up right outside.

We are not done: We want to make sure that they know how to get to the dealer, mentally drive them to the front door.

And lastly, and this is important: Ask them for a favor. If they are going to run late or cannot keep the appointment, call. And I will extend the same courtesy to you, if something happens on my end.

I know I left a lot out, but you now, at least have framework to work within.  My question to you: What did I leave out? (If you need help, just ask. The idea behind this is to make you think and get better at what we do.)

Bob Gaber

Almost 30 years in the "Car Biz" and having done just about everything in a dealership, specializing in BDC and Sales, I truly believe that this business is a blessing for those who have the committment. Be Committed!