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The Month to Month Mentality and Goal Setting

By October 5, 2010 December 27th, 2016 3 Comments

The typical car dealership “goal setting session”:  Manager to salesperson: So, Jurrassic, How many units are you all gonna do this month?  Jurrassic, “fifteen”.   Manager: Everyone hear that, I am putting Jurrassic down for 18.

Mid-month: Manager to salesperson: So, Jurrassic, it is now the 15th. You have 3 units out and you promised me 18. What is happening here?  Are you Weak?

Sound Familiar?

We in the auto business suffer from the “Month to Month Mentality”.  *What have you done for me lately?

Does anyone out there really know how to set goals?   Here are some actual guidelines:

Goals need to be Specific: Not approximate, but dead on, petal to the metal, specific. How much money do want to earn in the next twelve months?  What is the most important thing you need to accomplish within the next month. What is important to you that you MUST get done?

Goals need to be Measurable: I will earn $80,0000 in the next twelve months. *Notice the use of the present tense. Not I hope to earn, want to earn, wish I could earn.  I am earning, no doubt about it!

Goals need to be Attainable… At a Stretch.  I only want to earn 25,000. You really are in the wrong business. Stretch the possibilities.  What is really a MUST in your life. Remember that higher goals have a higher level of motivational force.

Goals need to be Relevant: Relevant to you, not your employer. Remember, these are not should be’s but Must be’s!

And lastly,

Goals need to be Trackable: We have to know how we are doing at any given moment. If my goal was to see 3 people a day, what am I doing to insure that I am seeing 3 people a day? How much money will 3 people a day give me, if my closing ratio is 25%? It is my money, I MUST know.

Goals need to be SMART.  All deals are important, not just the ones at the end of the month. Follow up, Develop, Sell, Grow. Want to be a six figure a year salesperson.  Set Goals;  do not live just for the month, stay with the basics that got you there, LEARN, always Learn. Demand to be trained!! And ALWAYS, be nice.

This is YOUR LIFE. So tell me, What are your goals and how do you intend to achieve them. Sharing goals let’s everyone know they are not alone. Write to me…

Bob Gaber

Almost 30 years in the "Car Biz" and having done just about everything in a dealership, specializing in BDC and Sales, I truly believe that this business is a blessing for those who have the committment. Be Committed!